• Broadband Internet on Trains
    Techno Sat Comm is Indian first On Board Wi-Fi Solution Provider Company for Indian Railways, wishes passengers to experience the journey of new era of seamless Wi-Fi.
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  • RFID Solutions
    Introducing RFID technology means to enhance work efficiency, increased revenue, reduce work load and provide sound monitoring and security system to your business.
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  • Video Surveilliance
    Security  concerns  have  made  it  imperative  to have high-performance network security camera system to effectively monitor activities in residential  and  commercial  areas.                     
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  • Black Box on Trains
    Train Data Acquisition Unit (TDAU) is an electronic device installed in the Loco (Train Engine) to record all type communication : cab videos and instructions sent over any electronic systems on an the Loco.
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About Us

TechnoSatComm (India) Private Limited, is registered under Companies Act, 1956, is a closely held company formerly known as Techno Com Inc started in Aug 2005 and later incorporated to Private Limited on 24th of January 2008. The company is promoted by young and experienced techno-entrepreneurs. The promoters have invested seven years in TechnoSatComm for surveying, product development, technology adoption, building goodwill and commercializing state of art satellite and other technology for Government of India and its corporate customers.
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