Techno Sat Comm (TSC) was founded in 2005 with the core objective to provide Wi-Fi in the aviation space later moved its focus on Railways. TSC with its core focus on Wi-Fi on the move technology adopted European Sat Comm on the move technology to Indian Conditions by 2009. TSC from 2010 onwards-developed its skills of being electronics and telecommunication system engineering firm. Its main activity was in the discipline of Design, development, Integration, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Telecommunication & IT Systems and Solutions for Government and Corporate Clients. TSC currently has 4 different verticals:

  • System Integration
  • Software Development
  • Telecom Media and Technology
  • Consultancy

Techno Sat Comm (India) Private Limited is registered and regulated under Companies Act, 1956 and 2013. It is a closely held company. The company was founded in 2005 under the nomenclature “Techno Com Inc” a proprietorship concern, later it was incorporated as Techno Sat Comm India Private Limited on 24th of January 2008.
Dave Group holds the company, a reputed business house owned by Gujarati Family. The Founder and Managing Director is a young an enterprising technology enthusiast. The company is professionally managed by expert of the respective domains and strictly follows ethical standards.
TSC over a decade have built-up various Intellectual Properties, Expertise on Project deployment on turnkey basis, rich experience on large Scale System Integration, excellent goodwill, customer relationship management experience and brand name which is associated with Trust and Relationship.
TSC has undergone various quality and legal certifications. Techno Sat Comm is and ISO 9000-2008 Certified organization. It is also member of National Small and Medium Enterprise Organization.
The company’s innovative spirit has made it the first company to provide Wi-Fi on High Speed Trains in India. Its reputation of delivering projects on or before the delivery time has built excellent goodwill. Today TSC is an Wi-Fi specialist company.
The company is achieved an average growth 30% over period of last 5 years. The company has been rated as “SE1A” – Height Capabilities and Highest Financial Strength” by a renowned financial credit Rating agency CARE. It has resource strength of 102 Employees with 3 fully equipped operational branches at Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata in India.



TSC’s vision is to build sustainable platform to deliver free Internet / Wi-Fi to every class of the society and mainly to underprivileged who cannot afford to buy data packs or have limited access to Internet. The free connectivity will enable everybody to connect to its loved ones, access information, do internet, internet based calls and every thing one can imagine over the internet / www.

TSC is currently building one of the World’s largest and fastest free Wi-Fi networks platform with a coverage of 250 Kms covering New Delhi and its satellite towns, which is partly operational, and delivering 50Mbps speed and shall expand thereafter.

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Technosatcomm ( India ) Pvt Ltd Manek Chambers / B, 399 A, Lamington Road, Mumbai – 400004 ,
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