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Biometric Solutions
Biometrics is a state of the art technology that can assist you in identifying, authenticating and verifying the identity of a person. When implemented and used correctly, it can help you in enhancing the security of your data, systems and premises, giving you true peace of mind.
Techno Sat Comm has expertise in providing biometric solutions to its customers through its various features.


1. Time-Attendance:
An automatic attendance marking system which records attendance data of a user and generates various reports for further action

►     Saves cost
►     Centrally managing attendance policies for multiple locations
►     Automatic calculation of overtime
►     Increases efficiency
►     Balance leave calculation
►     Helps in appraisals & monthly salary calculation
►     Monthly shift schedule, time loss charts etc;

2. Access Control:

►     Enables organizations to have controllable & secure security for their employees and infrastructure.
►     Access based on:
           •    Palm veins
           •    Fingerprint
           •    RFID card
           •    PIN
           •    Combinations of all these

3. Multi Location Solution:
A comprehensive solution for securing organizational resources and monitoring employee movement located at distinct geographical locations from a single location

►     Connect remote or multiple sites
►     Wired or Wireless Connectivity
►     Real Time Monitoring of all locations
►     Centralized monitoring & Controlling
►     Time-Attendance & Access Control

4. Leave Management:

►     Creating leave types with different options like PL, CL, ML etc…
►     Automatic Leave Credit to Employee Accounts
►     Web-based leave application and approval
►     Generate Leave Reports
►     Define leave accumulation, encashment limit for each employees
►     Apply & Reject option for leave or tour

5. Payroll Integration:

►     Export data to the third party payroll software
►     Web API for automatic payroll integration
►     Automatic mailing of salary data
►     Export data in various file formats
►     Replace static and database field values with user defined values

6. Employee Portal:
A web-based tool which enables employees to view their:

►     Attendance summary
►     Leave balance
►     Shift schedule

7. Visitor Management: It enables organizations to manage and enrol planned/unplanned visitors.

►     Pre-Registration of Visitors
►     Create Visitors E-Pass with full details
►     Maintain Visitor Database and create reports

8. Roster Management (RSM): It allows detailed planning of workforce for improving productivity and managing cost of the manpower efficiently by forecasting, budgeting and formulating policies as per Labor Laws.

9. E-Canteen Management: An automated process starting from placing an order to delivery including the payment.

►     Item tracking
►     Secure and speedy transactions
►     Avoiding wastage
►     Cashless Transactions Details
►     Export to Payroll/ Billing

10. Fire Safety:

A powerful & Proactive Fire Alarm Panel for continuous fire monitoring and controlling through LCD, colour status indicators and touch sense keys

11. Surveillance: A system to deter any occurrence of prohibited activities by Smart Recording and Remote Monitoring with CMS, Web Client and Mobile Viewer

►     Easy backup and storage
►     Easy to install and configure through various interfaces
►     Accurate analysis

Biometric solutions are nowadays used in various industries such as banking, government, education, call centres, construction etc.