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WiFi Internet on Trains/ Broadband on Trains

TechnoSatComm is the first On Board Wi-Fi Solution Provider Company for Indian Railways, wishes passengers to experience the journey of new era of seamless Wi-Fi internet connectivity of 4MBits/sec without data cards, where they do not get isolated from the Internet World, business and most importantly their loved one through social networking, free of cost.
TechnoSatComm has initiated wireless onboard internet solution for Indian Railways to make passengers’ journey productive, comfortable and entertaining. We want people to enjoy the technical freedom, even if they are on the move and with our robust state of art technology. We made it possible by providing you onboard broadband service. Our commitment for providing uninterrupted on board internet connectivity has strengthened the Indian Railway to have cutting edge over other modes of transportation and world Railways.
TechnoSatComm appreciates Indian Railways approach for Wi-Fi Internet as passenger amenities. Like food on train; like internet on trains. 
The robust state-of-art technology deployed by TechnoSatComm, uses satellites as a primary medium to backhaul internet traffic from trains to shore and in the event of non line of sight with satellite i.e. during trains travelling through long tunnels, covered stations, long under bridges the automatic switching technology switches the backhaul link from satellite to any available terrestrial technology like 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max or 4G as a medium of back-uplink to provide seamless On board Internet Access. The internet session on the passenger’s laptop, PDA, Smart Phone, I-Pad does not get interrupted due to cashing server on board.
TechnoSatComm not only working for onboard wireless broadband, but we have put great efforts to bring this technology for passengers’ and Railways at very affordable cost. So everyone can keep connected with their dear ones because we value relations just like you do. TechnoSatComm’s  “Business on wheels" system is the only Railway Grade System project capable of providing true Internet broadband connectivity to high-speed trains on the move. TechnoSatComm projects to equip entire passenger train fleet of Indian Railway with satellite based broadband solution in next five years .
The advantage of satellite technology on the train enables the internet connectivity while the train is moving in open space, in cities, in remote location anywhere in India.

The onboard internet access enables passengers to send and receive mails, make online payments, watch online movies/videos, listen to music and of course keep connected with family and friends via video conferencing through your laptop, I-Pad, Smart Phones other Wi-Fi enable devices. 
Wi-Fi on board Indian Trains is secured, password protected and compliant to Government of India, Department of Telecom Security Guidelines, hence secured.
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