T-Sat 2.0 – For Mainline long distance Trains

T-SAT 2.0 is advanced 2nd Gen Systems state of art IP based secured duplex train to shore Sat Comm on the Move Productized Broadband Communication System. The System delivers high-speed broadband pipe to the rolling stock in order to deliver the last mile (Wi-Fi) connectivity to passengers. The system is proven and time tested.


T-SAT 2.0 is robust state-of-art technology deployed by Techno Sat Comm, system uses satellites as a primary medium to backhaul traffic (Data / Voice / Video) from trains to shore and in non line of sight situations i.e. when the train travelling through long tunnels, covered stations, long under bridges the High Speed Intelligent Mulit-Access routing algorithm switches the backhaul link from satellite (primary) to best available terrestrial (backup) links like 3G/4G Multiplexing or Trackside Wi-Fi in less then 10ms on best path availability sensing mechanism in order to deliver seamless On board Internet / Data / Voice / Video Access. The Internet session on the passenger’s laptop, PDA, Smart Phone, I-Pad is un-interrupted due high speed intelligent switching and high volume data cashing on the main server on board. The system architecture has in built multilevel security and firewall to protect system hacking and unifies threats at high throughput.

Techno Sat Comm is not only working for improving the onboard wireless broadband technologies, but have put great efforts in optimizing the Railways capital and operational expenditure. Techno Sat Comm’s “T-SAT 2.0" system is the only Railway Grade System project capable of providing true Internet broadband connectivity to high-speed trains on the move.


Systems Features - Business on Wheels 2.0 2nd Gen:
  • High Speed Internet Bandwidth – 2Mbps to 40 Mbps per train (Scalable)
  • Supports : Data / Voice / Video
  • Supports SCSP / MCPC / MF-TDMA / DVB RCS / DVB S2 based Spectrum Optimization techniques
  • 98 to 99 % Connectivity based SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • 98 to 99% Throughput SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Low latency
  • Intelligent Multi-Access Router with Multilevel aggregation
  • Availability of Coverage 98 to 99%
  • Quickly deployable
  • Centralized Remote Monitoring
  • Scalable and modular
  • Customer Friendly Portal
  • Cost Effective


System Application:
  • Wi-Fi on Trains / Broadband on Trains / High Speed Internet on Trains
  • Interactive Multimedia Entertainment On Trains
  • IPTV on Trains
  • Audio / Video / Movies on Demand, News Portal, E-Commerce
  • Social Media
  • IP Based connectivity for Train Management and Control System


The advantage of satellite technology on the train enables the internet/data connectivity while the train is moving in open space, in cities, in remote location anywhere.

The onboard internet access enables passengers to send and receive mails, make online payments, watch online movies/videos, listen to music and of course keep connected with family and friends via video conferencing through your laptop, I-Pad, Smart Phones other Wi-Fi enable devices.

Wi-Fi on board Trains is secured, password protected and compliant to Government of India, Department of Telecom Security Guidelines, hence secured.

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