T-Track 2.0 Broadband Trackside Communication System

T-Track 2.0 is an advanced and high throughput IP based wireless backhaul transmission system productized for Railways applications to make the trains SMART. The System is capable of high capacity duplex communication of Data/Voice/Video traffic generated on the rolling stock to shore through the trackside wireless ISM band radios, which is then backhauled over the fiber backbone system to the Operation Control Centre. The system’s spare bandwidth can also be utilized for CBTC (Communication based train control) and TCMS (Train Control and Management System).


Techno Sat Comm has designed, developed and productized the T-Track 2.0 System. The solution is robust, competitive, and modular. The system comprises of the following layers:

  • Train-borne Systems
  • Trackside and Station based Systems
  • Interface Equipment and Operational Control Centre
  • System Software


IT Security with Multi Layered Firewall and Encryption
  • Captive Portal redirects the user to Radius server and inspects the traffic
  • Firewall at Access Control Gateway
  • Firewall at Multi-Access Router
  • Firewall at back-end server at Hub level
  • SSID based V-LAN separation between passenger user and Administrator use
  • Encryption of traffic from train to shore via VPN tunnel


Internet Security

BSU uses a protocol for communication and is very difficult to hack
BSU uses the unique Wireless Outdoor Router Protocol (WORP). As this is a proprietary protocol specifically designed for the systems and is not publicized or standardized, it is very difficult to hack. This means that Wi-Fi systems, for example, cannot tap into the radio communication of the solution.


Base Stations Units only connect to known Subscriber Units and avoid rogue stations in the network
 Before any data communication between a BSU and a CPE starts, the units are required to know each other. A Base Station Unit will only connect to a Subscriber Unit that has the same Network Name and Base Station Name. This registration happens through an MD-5 CHAP mutua authentication.


High Data Security
For data security it uses AES encryption to protect the data.


Radius authentication and access control table
We provide access control via a local access control table and via Radius, securing the network for unknown stations.


Management security
All remote management methods are password-protected; different passwords can be set for SNMP read, SNMP read/write, Telnet and HTTP configuration.


Network Management Service

The NMS provides rapid network deployment, mobile configuration and greater ease of use in a software-based Network Management System


  • User Access Levels.
  • Automatic Tree Architecture and Manual Group Architecture
  • Dynamic and Static Device Mapping
  • Color scheme for easy status visualization
  • Performance Monitoring and Graphing.
  • Allows to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the wireless network in real time
  • SNMP compatible
  • Built-in spectrum analyzer and a real-time bandwidth monitoring tool

TechnoSat Comm


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