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Video Surveillance Features & Benefits

Features :

  • Higher Scalability and Coverage Area which Records multiple cameras in indoor & outdoor simultaneously.
  • Works with both analog cameras and network IP cameras.
  • Time stamping of recorded video frames.
  • Surveillance systems with added features like Motion detector, Night Vision and Thermal imaging.
  • This configures and manages through automatic discovery of IP cameras, video encoders, storage, network elements and recording servers.
Benefits :
The key to minimizing risks is decisive action. With so many security systems available in the market, however one of the best way in which you avoid risk at severity levels is video surveillance. Many businesses are therefore introducing highly sophisticated video surveillance programs so they can protect people and assets, minimize liabilities and avoid trivial lawsuits.

  • Centralized remote monitoring thus reducing after hours security costs.
  • Reduces shrinkage, losses due to theft and vandalism.
  • Remote access : One of the biggest benefits of modern video surveillance programs is the fact that they can be accessed from a number of remote locations through various devices.
  • Increases your ability to efficiently and effectively manage your business.
  • Lower cost of implementation and maintenance.
  • Wireless cameras to reduce surveillance system installation costs.
Service Area :

Video Survelliance for Star Hotels, Budget Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shop, Clubs etc Video Survelliance for Mid Size corporate, Large size  corporate – IT Companies, Telecom companies, factories, banking  institutes etc.
Hospitality Industry   Corporate  
Video Survelliance for Hospital, recreation centers, etc Video Survelliance for Universities, Collages, Schools, etc
Health Care   Education  
Video Survelliance for Wi-Fi in Trains, Wi-Fi in Aircrafts, Long Distance Buses etc. Video Survelliance for Government Organizations
Transport Industry   Government  
Video Survelliance for Airports, Railway Stations, Marin ports etc Video Survelliance for Town Ships, Malls, Departmental stores, Retails etc..
Ports   Town Ships