VTS (Video Transfer System)

VTS is an advanced and high throughput IP based wireless backhaul transmission system, which offloads the live video and TCMS (train control management system) data traffic generated on the rolling stock (Metro, Monorail or Trains) to shore over the trackside radios, which is then backhauled over the fiber backbone system to the Operation Control Centre.

Techno Sat Comm has designed, developed and productised the VTS system. The solution is robust, competitive, and modular. The system comprises of the following layers:

  • Train-borne equipment
  • Trackside equipment
  • Interface equipment
  • System software layer


Train-borne Equipment

Train-borne equipment layer mainly comprises of high gain roof top antennas, radio equipments, Layer 3 switch, system management and control computer, NVR and interface with onboard CCTV cameras and system software.


Trackside Equipment

Trackside equipment comprises of high gain directional antennas with radios capable of duplex communication on 2.4 or 5.8 GHz licence free ISM band. The radios can either be dual- and/or single- band, with a capability of backhauling 100 Mbps of throughput and scalable to 300 Mbps. They are interfaced with the fiber backbone system to backhaul the traffic to the Operation Control Centre (OCC) or have a web-based interface for viewing and analysis. of the onboard CCTV video footage remotely.


Interface Equipment and System Layer

These are devices, which create a point of interface with the existing systems and different networks on the rolling stock, trackside system and Operation Control Centre.


System Software Layer

System software mainly comprises of system run software, NMS (Network management & control software) throughput and roaming software, NOC (Network Operation Centre) software and transmission protocol.

The systems software and the transmission protocol enables seamless handoff from one radio to another while train is in motion upto a speed of 270 kmph in less than 0.03 milliseconds. Techno Sat Comm software employs a smart MPLS based algorithm for seamless handoff in less than 0.03 milliseconds and, simultaneously, checks the bandwidth throughput, link behaviour, data and video security and critical data handling in least minimum latency.


  • Real time Video surveillance and analytics on trains from operation control centre (OCC)
  • TCMS – Train Control & Management System
  • Broadband Communication
  • Wi-Fi on Trains


  • The system is cost effective, ruggedized, railway grade which complies to the life cycle requirement of the project.


  • Pro-active public safety
  • Real time incident management
  • Improved risk management
  • Automated transfer of onboard video recording
  • Scalable and modular
  • Licence-free ISM band


System Features
  • Bandwidth throughput upto 100 Mbps at 270 kms/hr
  • Seamless handoff in less than 0.03 milliseconds
  • Fast Roaming
  • Compliant with Metro, Railways and Monorail standards
  • 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz wireless broadband communication
  • Cost effective installation and modular approach
  • Mission critical communication


Operational Application
  • Remote system configuration and diagnostics
  • Telemetry
  • Live operations data
  • 24/7 maintenance & service data


Security Application
  • LIVE video streaming
  • Protection of assets
  • Life Safeguard
  • Vandalism Prevention
  • Live streaming of front facing camera
  • Incident analysis
  • On-line virtual Black Box
  • Emergency VoIP intercom


Radio Specification
Radio :Range depends on the line-of-sight
Throughput :100 Mbps per radio & scalable
Frequency Range :2.4/5.8 GHz
Supported Train Speed :Up to 270 kmph
MPLS Technology :Yes
Transmission Power :Up to 27 dBm
Handoff Latency : < 0.03ms
Receiving Sensitivity :96dB@6.5 Mbps; -70dB@300 Mbps;


Electrical Specification
Radio Power Input :Passive PoE from 12V DC to 24V DC
Radio Power Consumption :Max 8W
Radio Power PoE Injector :90/260V, 50/60 Hz AC


Network Specification
Web Based Interface :Yes
Multicast Support :Yes
UPnP Support :Yes
SNMP Support :Yes


Security Specification
VPN :Yes
AES-128 Link Level Encryption :Yes
Full Compatibility with AES 3DES, RSA, HTTPS, SSL :Yes


ISO 9001:2008 :Compliant
Train Antenna :RDSO Approved
Rugged Design :EN50155
Fire Retardant :DIN 5510-2, BS6853, Nf16- 101/102, CEN/TS 45545 (2009)
CE Marking :Compliant
FCC CFR 47 Part 15, Class B :Compliant
ROHS :Compliant
Shock & Vibration :ETSI 300 – 019 – 1.4
IP 66 :Compliant

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