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Features & Benefits

Features :
Solutions are exclusively designed to enable the instant set-up of worry-free, controlled-access, revenue-generating wireless internet based WiFi services for your business.

  • Roaming free within the network
  • Faster and Secure
  • Wi-Fi Standards 802.11/b/g/n
  • WPA2 and MAC based Authentication
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Compatible network
  • Link speed 108, 150, 300 Mbps
  • VLAN for Network Separation
  • Web Interface
Captive Portal : The captive portal technique forces a user to see a special web page for authentication purposes before using the Internet. Whenever the user opens a browser and tries to access the Internet, all packets, regardless of address or port, are intercepted and the user only sees the “Login page”. she/he login using the user name and password (received as sms), she/he cannot access the Internet.
Benefits :
Mobility :
Wi-Fi provides increased mobility. Among users, those who use a laptop, I-pads, Smart-phones  will worry no more about connecting using a connection cable. They will be able to move from their office to the meeting room without losing connection.

Easy to Use for Corporates :
For your employees and authorized visitors to connect to Wi-Fi does not present any technical difficulty. Simply enter the WEP or WAP key associated with your Wi-Fi after double-clicking the icon "Wireless Network Connection". After a short search for the message "reading of the network address" message, the computer will connect to the network.
Attract More Customers :
Many hotel guests these days will look for WiFi Internet access when choosing a hotel to stay in. They may just want to keep up with the news and check their Facebook, or they might be away on business and have a critical need to respond to emails, do online spreadsheets and Internet banking. If your hotel doesn’t have WiFi, then you could be losing guests to rival hotels that do.
By attracting more guests, you will naturally also increase your revenue. However, you may also gain extra revenue from your guests by enticing them to stay a little longer and respond to emails and browse the web. During this time they may order extra food and drink to their room, bringing in extra money to the business. You can also sell vouchers for WiFi hotspot access instead of offering the WiFi for free to your guests.
Captive Portal with E-Commerce Features Online :
Our Hotel Wi-Fi service also comes with the optional extra of e-commerce portal software that you can use to sell extra goods and services to your guests, such as meals, Promo Offers, drinks and gifts.