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Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Wi-Fi (Wireless Connectivity Solutions)
TechnoSatComm offers optimized solutions using various wireless technologies. We provide wireless networks using technologies like Wi-Fi with our highly optimized, pre validated, easy to integrate solutions. Our expertise and experience in wireless connectivity space and alliances with OEMs/ODMs and wireless operators bring our portfolio of innovative user experience and capabilities to your doorstep. Together with associated wireless product development and deployment expertise we help you to create and deploy innovative wireless system solutions.
TechnoSatComm provides a comprehensive Wireless Solution portfolio. Our Wireless solutions offer flexibility, reliability, and interoperability with existing networks. By relying on extensive ‘real-world' experience, our wireless engineers and consultants can develop a complete implementation strategy that guarantees you the best solution. The Connectivity Team collaborates with our customers to define precise requirements, and customizes each solution to meet our customer's specific needs.

Features :
Our Solutions are based on cutting edge, managed service technology and can handle multiple simultaneous users.

WIFI Security and Reporting: We provide bespoke content filtering to ensure maximum control over the type of sites and information that can be accessed from public locations. In addition, we provide detailed usage reports from each site allowing you the maximum control possible over your Wi-Fi service.
Time and Location SSID’S for customers :
Service Set Identifier (SSID) by time of day, or day of week, and apply a level of service to them. This means that you can control different levels of online access at certain points in time, or for certain groups.
Applications :
  • Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for Residential and Commercial Projects.
  • Connectivity for Smart Grid Applications like:
  • Substation automation (SA).
  • Distribution automation (DA)
  • Remote site Monitoring.
  • Mobile Workforce Applications.